Justice League #7 sees the team get dark.

It gets a little bizarre, and also pushes against each the solo title of each hero. So as an example, Aquaman has been trying to prove a point in his series that he’s first and foremost a diplomat – providing peaceful talks. Acknowledging that he’s not a threat to the U.S. But in this issue, he goes completely backwards and makes threats to the entire world essentially. And whilst yes, it’s a great look at how heroes can be corrupted and twisted, the story just feels out of place.

The more fascinating parts of the story come in the smaller moments between two characters rather than the big fights and action sequences. Batman and Superman’s conversation in the Bat Cave delves into their motivations as people. Whilst Wonder Woman and Aquaman look into their status as Gods. But the best part of the issue is hands down the part focusing on Barry and Jessica. This is largely down to the fact that they’re not in costume and are open and vulnerable as people. And what seems like Jessica’s anxiety personified at first, turns into an actual threatening entity. Once it’s made clear what’s happening, the story clears up a little, but not greatly.

But, if Barry is dating Jessica, when was he dating Meena in his own series? Is Barry Allen a cheater? He never came across like that before… It’s the timeline of things that make this team-up series a little confusing. Maybe we’re just looking a little too deep into it, but it just doesn’t seem to work. Justice League #7 isn’t exactly the great series that we hoped for if we’re completely honest. It brings in huge, world changing plots and then just doesn’t seem to follow them up at all. Is anyone else still wondering who ‘The Kindred’ are? We never really got an answer. It’s like the writers come up with genuinely interesting storylines, and then can’t really figure out how to finish them.


5.3 Disappointing

This series is turning out to be a huge disappointment, the plot is a mess and it's only saving grace seems to be the smaller character moments.

  • Plot 4
  • Character Moments 8
  • Contradictory next to Solo series' 4

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