Justice League #4 sees things go from bad to worse.

The story seems to be progressing slightly in the team-up series, but we still can’t really see where it’s heading. The main mystery that’s been set up over the course of the first four issues is all about who The Kindred are and what they want with the earth. But after some of the dialogue throughout this Justice League #4, it sounded like they’re actually on our side. And that the actual enemy is something named ‘The Purge’. We’re not really given any clue as to who this secondary enemy are apart from when Cyborg describes them as ‘living death’. Zombies?

Well given the cliffhanger of the issue, we’re actually not that far off. It was certainly an interesting way of leaving the audience in anticipation for the next instalment that’s for sure. It’s a very fast paced, action filled issue. Unfortunately this means that any small moments that could be used for character development are thrown out the window. It’s all systems go, and it’s a non-stop ride. Whether it’s Cyborg getting overwhelmed, or The Flash finding the giants, Justice League #4 is constantly moving.

Justice League #4

But we seriously need an issue that’s completely plot based very soon. Otherwise it becomes just an adrenaline fix rather than an interesting story. Because the initial concept of the plot is genuinely quite good – we just can’t see where it’s leading. We now have a different villain and supposedly the original villains are on our side? It’s starting to become a little messy and we definitely need some clearer clarification. Maybe #5 will be the issue that explains it all. Apart from our problems with the plot, it’s still a throughly enjoyable comic, and if you’re looking for fast paced action, this is the one for you.

7.0 Action packed

Whilst the action is great, the plot is starting to become a little messy.

  • Action 8
  • Plot 6
  • characters 7

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