Is Justice League #14 the best issue from the team during Rebirth so far? Well, yeah. It strips the team down to the bare bones of a story, and forces them to approach all their individual issues as a team. The initial premise of the issue deals with a mining station that attacks Earth so it can make a profit from the debris left afterwards. It’s not unlike the Death Star in some respects, and that in itself leads to a fantastic Star Wars reference from Batman himself. It’s ironic really. The team are beaten down and at their worst, but as a story – this is the group at their best.

A lot of the issue jumps back and forth between many of the members struggling with their place on the team. A prime example of that is the slight bickering that goes on between the two Green Lanterns. Who are still learning to work together. And this allows anyone who hasn’t been reading their solo series to get in on that development for their characters. But it also allows the team to get out all of their problems stretching back to the start of Rebirth alongside the emergence of the new Superman.

There’s even some classic JLA themes inside the issue too – dealing with Batman’s contingency plans for if any of the team go rogue. And it all just seems to make perfect sense. After several huge story arcs, Justice League #14 develops the team as an organic group that come together against the biggest of foes. This claustrophobic team building issue is without a doubt the most interesting story so far for the heroes. And that’s largely down to the fact that it’s so grounded. If only all of their stories were as well written and thoroughly thought through. Hopefully we begin to see more of this as the series goes on.

9.3 Fantastic
  • Plot 9
  • Character Development 10
  • Batman's Star Wars Reference 9

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