So the first noticeable point about Justice League #13 is that it’s a tie-in to Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5. If you’re not caught up with that event we wouldn’t recommend this issue. However, if you’re familiar with what’s going on, this plot is actually very well executed even though it only features one League member. The majority of the issue focuses on Steve Trevor as he’s caught up in the post-apocalyptic event that seems to have engulfed the US. And it plays out similar to a zombie movie, as it expertly show us how to write tension and horror in style that doesn’t seem out of place with the rest of DC Comics.

It’s worth noting that the violence in Justice League #13 is a little more over the top than the usual instalment of the team up series. But then that matches the general tone of the huge event taking up the Leagues time. This comic is a very grounded approach to the supernatural element at play, and Steve Trevor is the perfect main character for that. It feels very much like an action/horror film starring an ageing action hero. It even finds the time to develop his character to be a little more emotional, looking at his need to save his family.

The issue manages to entertain with ease. And whilst it’s slightly disappointing to see the side-step away from the main story instead of giving Trevor a one-shot comic, it’s still a fantastic read. When it comes to the twist ending of Justice League #13, we loved it. Kind of. The direction it took was a little different to what we were thinking it would. But it was a valuable look into the mindset of the villain, given that we only meet him briefly at the end of the most recent JL vs. SS issue. It’s a neat little addition to the event, and it’s always great to see more of Steve Trevor in his own adventures away from Wonder Woman.

9.0 Great
  • Post-apocalyptic themes 9.5
  • Plot 8.5
  • Character development 9

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