The team face impending doom in Justice League #1.

It’s actually a very well written issue considering this is the huge team-up story. It starts with each of the team in different parts of the world as cities are struck by earthquakes. We slowly come to find that in each of these disaster struck cities, some of the population seem to be possessed by some kind of otherworldly force. They come across like zombies, and they look unbelievably intimidating. They do look a little similar to the Rage infected people in the current Green Lanterns series, but they don’t seem to be related… just yet.

The issue skips around each of the key members, and manages to give them enough to do so none of them are left out. It also gives them enough to say so that we feel like they own an individual part of the story. We also get a little insight into some of their own individual stories. Not so much so that it ruins any of their solo series, but a couple of lines that hint at something larger. Which is a nice little way to tie into the fact that they are their own characters that have lives outside of the Justice League.

Justice League #1

The only problem with Justice League #1 is that the issue is so concerned with creating a disaster big enough that requires the whole team – that it lacks the amount of plot needed to get us started. Instead, we’re greeted with the typical mass army v superheroes. At least we’re aware of the villain’s name after a fight with Wonder Woman ‘The Kindred’. We can’t say it’s a name that sticks out, so it looks like we’re getting a new and original antagonist. Which makes up for the lack of plot.

The only real tease to the story we get is the fact that the heroes and the Earth have apparently “Stolen” something from The Kindred. So whilst that aspect of the plot is intriguing, it doesn’t exactly share too much. The action sequences are great to read, and the colour brings back the brightness that was missing from DC Comics. So whilst Justice League #1 is better than it’s Rebirth issue, it’s still not brilliant. The individual solo series are much more entertaining. And so far, they’re definitely better written.

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7.5 Intriguing

The plot isn't really touched upon as this is mainly an action filled issue. It's still intriguing to see where it will end up, but the respective heroes' solo series' are far better written than the team up.

  • Cyborg stopping a train 9
  • Action/saving civillians 8
  • Lack of plot 5
  • Art/colour 8

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