The good guys and the bad guys are about to duke it out, but much like Millar’s other stories, nothing’s ever as simple as it first appears. Issue #3 sees a team being assembled, but will it continue the hot streak of theĀ Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2?

The characters always seem grounded no matter what skillset they possess, and this makes the story much more enjoyable. He finds relatable subjects and applies them to characters expertly. Not only is the characterization in this story extremely solid, but the pacing and timing are spot on too. The timing in which sad moments and insightful flashbacks are introduced add depth to scenarios and characters, drawing you in and instantly making you more invested in what’s going on.

Frank Quitely is quite frankly one of the best artists on the scene at the moment. The costumes are definitely different but they nearly always look awesome, though they may not translate onto screen too well (all of Millar’s properties seem to be making the transition: Kick-Ass, Wanted, Kingsman: The Secret Service.) He optimizes emptiness in panels in a way no other artist can do, making the characters seem even more important and never stealing scenes. The art’s inconsistent at times, Jason doesn’t look the same in many panels, and that’s the main downfall.

Strong pacing and relatable societal messages helpsĀ Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 remain amongst the top few ongoing comic series in 2016.

8.4 Awesome

Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 has been good so far, and Issue #3 continues the hot streak.

  • Strong characterization 10
  • Relatable societal messages 9
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Skyfox's attention-hogging antics 6

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