Whether you’re a fan of Mark Millar’s writing or not, you can’t deny that Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #2 has amazing art. You can dislike his writing and still his enjoy his comic books because he always picks the best artists – Frank Quitely created one of the best fight sequences we’ve seen in a comic book ever – all at the beginning of this issue. The choreography of the fights is great, and the body language of the characters comes across wonderfully.

The superpowers displayed in this battle are weird and wonderful, and Repro – who Millar tweeted is the “first Bollywood superhero” – is a bloody awesome character. He’s eccentric and his skill set matches his personality insanely well. As the story goes on, the writing improves as the story is fleshed out and much-needed dialogue is introduced. The conflict is getting darker and more interesting as the story progresses.

Jupiter's Legacy

We won’t go into the nitty gritty of the story as it doesn’t particularly deviate too much from what you’d expect after reading Issue #1. It’s still a good read, and there’s a couple of small twists, but it’s nothing for us to rant or rave about. This issue is a solid instalment in Volume 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy, and we look forward to seeing how the story progresses over the next couple of months.

7.8 Awesome

Fantastic new characters and superpowers surface in Issue #2 of Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2.

  • Repro 9
  • Storyline 7
  • Artwork 9
  • Character development 6

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