Let’s break down the story of Jupiter’s Legacy so far: the children of superheroes didn’t want to be like their parents, they wanted to be rich and famous while saving the world in ways their parents never dared. So, they staged a coup and murdered the Old Guard; taking over America and forcing their ideas on a country that never wanted them. But one hero escaped, and together with her boyfriend and eight year old son, she set out to find all the old super-criminals to ask them to come back and save us from the superheroes.

Straight away, you can tell this is an interesting and exciting premise from Mark Miller, with Image Comics publishing the series. From the get go, the first issue of the second volume is fascinating – settling back into the world where supervillains are the real heroes.

We’re going to get this out of the way early, Frank Quitely is a master at what he does. We can’t think of anyone better who puts their own unique style to use while conveying body language this well. Whether it’s quiet character interaction or car chases, Quitely does an outstanding job. His work isn’t perfect in the sense of smooth edges and perfect lines, it’s almost sketchy at times but it works in the book’s favour – somehow.

Millar really enjoys playing with the dynamic switch between the heroes and villains, making Chloe and her family go full-on against the heroes until they make a complete mess. This issue almost serves as a recruitment process as Chloe and Hutch travel allover the place in search for allies, before her uncle gets to them first. Much like any other Millar comic, action is plentiful and the pacing is impeccable, but there’s not much depth past what you’re reading.

The opening of the issue focuses on the past of Hutch and an encounter with his dad, which turns into quite the turning point. Hopefully this comic can learn from it’s slightly weaker points and produce a truly great series.

8.3 Awesome

An exciting premise executed well, Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #1 is an awesome, fast-paced read.

  • Artwork 9
  • Character development 8
  • Premise 8

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