Jughead is a beloved character from the rich universe of Archie Comics, but we’ve never read his comic. Issue #9 is being branded as the “brand new #1”, so we jumped at the chance of experiencing the world through his eyes.

The introduction of this comic tells us how Jughead and his best pal Archie had a rough summer. Jughead wants to spend some time with his buddy, but Archie couldn’t get his mind off of girls. His girl-crazy ways sent them into a fight that landed them lost in the woods, almost attacked by a bear, targeted by a weird old Mantle family member and eventually saved by Mrs. Weatherbee. Sounds rather relatable if you ask us… Well, to start with anyway.

The story focuses on Jughead and his love for food; we somehow imagine food is the central theme to all of his stories. His favourite place to eat, Pop’s, has a Burger Lady as a mascot. Jughead’s not in tune with feelings and hates the thought of having a crush, but he just can’t help himself. He finds himself on a date with said Burger Lady.

But who is she? None other than Sabrina. You know, the Teenage Witch. Yes, the one from that show. Somehow we think things are going to get a little supernatural for our new favourite comic book character! Jughead is an exaggerated take on the typical teenage lad, with an extreme emphasis on food and an extreme distaste to romance.

We definitely don’t regret jumping into this series, and we’re so ready for the Riverdale series that’s on the way to The CW!

9.3 We're hungry

Jughead #9 is branded as the brand new #1, so naturally we jumped right in.

  • Characterizations 10
  • Exaggerated take on teens 9
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Burger Lady reveal 9.5

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