Jughead met somebody who he actually liked, and it turned out to be none other than Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Where will the story go from here? Pranking, of course. They’re both immature teenagers, remember.

Jughead himself is awesome – he seems to react in a realistic way, even though his tendencies and personality is exaggerated. He’s asexual, and while this comic isn’t groundbreaking in the world of sexuality, it tackles the character wonderfully. He’s a complex character who comes across as incredibly simple to begin with, and it’s lovely to see it unravel in each issue.

The artwork captures the magical and fantastical new element to the story with the inclusion of Sabrina, and it almost feels as prank-esque as the two teens – you’re expect a prank around every corner.

Jughead is genuinely one of the comics we look forward to coming around each month, and this storyline is doing great in keeping that excitement around. It could all be over in an instant – which is essence sounds shallow, but it’s as spontaneous and exciting as the characters.

8.7 Awesome

It's Jughead Vs. Sabrina the Teenage Witch in an all-out prank war. Issue #10 is great fun!

  • Jughead Vs. Sabrina 9
  • Story 8
  • Artwork 9

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