Josie McCoy wants to be a superstar singer, but she’s not getting too far playing for her local coffee shop. Fortunately the power of homeless animals has brought her a step closer to realizing her dreams. With her roommate, Melody, on drums and her new friend, Valerie – a vet’s assistant – on bass and vocals, the three girls formed a band and blew the audience away at a local animal charity show.

Not only did the newly-named Josie and the Pussycats impress the audience, but they also caught the eye of a rich mogul named Alan M., who’s promising them fame and riches beyond their wildest dreams. Everything seems to be coming up Josie, unless her nemesis Alexandra Cabot has anything to say about it…

This issue is pretty damn funny. They go for their first gig outside of Riverdale, and hilarity ensues – surprisingly. Their fans are expanding and the plot is fairly standard, but it’s executed wonderfully. Everything is filtered through a comedic lens, and we’re fond of the puns and wordplay throughout.

The panels layouts are impressive and the artwork is neat. The colours bounce off of each page and the characters manage to look cool at all times. It’s a simple review, for a relatively simple comic. It’s definitely a fun one.

9.3 Great fun

Josie and the Pussycats proves to be one of the best things to come from Archie Comics at the moment with Issue #2.

  • Personality 9
  • Wordplay, puns, humour 10
  • Artwork 9

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