One of my earliest memories of reading comics was finding a Peanuts book in my Nan’s house. These comics had a great humour and heart to them, sure you knew the football was always going to be moved but you still looked forward to that punchline. So I was intrigued when someone suggested JL8 by Yale Stewart, this takes the Justice League and casts them as 8 year olds in pre-school.

While it could just be played for laughs to have those characters as kids, the comic takes a much more heart-warming take on the League and explore the core tenants of what makes them so loved by readers. There is a lot of nice visual touches to the comic as well that really add to the feel, Clark’s cape is tied around his neck in a bow, J’onn wears a suit as his parents believe this is normal for earth kids and Bruce is in his 60’s style outfit (though not happy about it). The story lines go beyond the comics as well so it is not just reading old tales in a new way, you have Darkseid as the PE teacher, Power Girl’s first date with Batman and a camping trip with the Green Lanterns who are portrayed as a local scout group rather than the intergalactic police we are used to.


Webcomics can be a dirty word for people but give JL8 a chance, Yale has been able to write something that can be at a moment heart breaking and the next making you smile. Although it’s surprising that this independent webcomic has lasted as long as it has, since it’s not properly licensed by DC Comics. But we’re not complaining. If you haven’t read comics in a long time or even fondly remember old-school paper strips, this may make you realise why you fell in love with the medium to begin with.

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8.0 Fun

JL8 are easy to read short strips that are guaranteed to get a smile each time.

  • Art style 8
  • Humour 8
  • Writing 8

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