One of the most striking horror films of the past few years has finally debuted a trailer for the inevitable sequel. IT: Chapter Two sees Pennywise the Clown’s reign of terror return 27 years later when the Losers Club have all grown up.

The trailer starts with an adult Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) returning to the apartment in Derry that she lived in with her abusive Father, only to find a sweet old lady. Or, not? Presumably this is after the Losers Club have realised that Pennywise has returned and they’re sticking to their promise of killing him again. While she fondly remembers her childhood friends and the romantic postcard that Ben gave her in the first film, it becomes clear that this sweet old lady is being kept alive by something more sinister. It’s even implied that she’s actually Pennywise’s daughter – which explains his obsession with Bev; another daughter with a horrific father. This opening scene is frightfully uneasy, playing the long game with each lingering shot before the real terror kicks off. Even then, we don’t see the monstrous creature that Pennywise’s daughter becomes…

IT: Chapter Two

We finally see a full shot of the adult Losers Club, Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), Richie (Bill Hader), Bill (James McAvoy), Beverly (Jessica Chastain) and Ben (Jay Ryan). The casting here is nothing short of perfection, each actor looks completely believable as the adult versions of the kids from the first film. Cut with shots of the gang strolling through Derry, it doesn’t seem densely populated as it once was – It might’ve ravaged the town so badly that people have begun to leave. Bill’s still haunted by what happened to Georgie, and what’s more creepy than a small child hiding in a drain? Well, a murderous clown – but that’s not the point.

IT: Chapter Two

Obviously knowing that It’s returned, the gang head down into the sewers to hunt the monster again. Although whether it’ll adapt the Cosmic Turtle who vomited up the universe from the original book remains to be seen… Just don’t bet on it. There’s a terrifying shot of It floating over a carnival as a horrified Richie looks on. Remember the carnival in the first film? They’re clearly trying to re-tread ground and remind these characters that It’s wormed it’s way inside all their heads. Do we even need to remind you of the skin crawling shot of Pennywise peeling through someone’s face? Lovely.

IT: Chapter Two

The trailer ends with a quick succession of scenes showing a blood-flooded bathroom, the gang in the sewers and more shots of the carnival… Will It take his eerie stage performance from the end of the first film to another level? It looks like it.

It: Chapter Two Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain did tease they used a lot of blood onset…

The final moments are dominated by Bill Skarsgård’s haunting face as he introduces himself to a young girl… Uh oh. Also confirmed to return for the film is the creepy painted woman who hunted Stan and the Headless Boy who chased Ben. So make sure you’re ready for unexpected jump-scares and nightmare inducing creatures…So are you looking forward to IT: Chapter Two or are you a little bit too scared of Pennywise? Perhaps both?

It: Chapter Two Bill Skarsgård

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