Tony is still refusing to tackle the death of his best friend, James Rhodes, so he just mopes about instead. Nothing has changed in terms of how he’s dealt with this tragic loss, though Victor von Doom is on a mission to change that.

We don’t know why, just yet, but Doom is trying his best to help Stark. We know he’s due to become the Infamous Iron Man in the upcoming months, so he could be trying to get his own suit – who knows? Either way, he’s actively trying to help Stark get his life together, and we commend him for that. It’s not often Doom is a likable character so we’ll make the most of it while we can.

There’s a memory montage between Stark and Rhodey, highlighting some of their finest moments; including Rhodey picking him up whilst he’s down, helping him defeat Crimson Dynamo, and partaking in a spot of banter. If we’re honest, the whole mourning-but-not-actually-mourning sulky Stark is getting a tad stale, so we hope Doom is successful in helping him get past it.

The storyline in this series doesn’t progress at all in this issue, it simply delves into the mental state of Stark and how he feels like it’s him against the world. Black Panther is massively on Captain Marvel’s side, the woman he loves doesn’t care for him, and Victor von Doom wants to be his friend. Things aren’t going too well for poor old Tony.

Hopefully Issue #14 picks up the pieces left in Issue #12 and pushes the plot forward. This issue did evoke some emotion but we fear it’s a little too late, the impact of Rhodey’s death has been lessened by the long period of time we’ve known about it.

6.6 Emotional

Tony continues to grieve over Rhodey in Issue #13 of Invincible Iron Man.

  • Memory montage 9
  • Plot development 3
  • Grieving get stale 5
  • Emotion 8
  • Artwork 8

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