Enter Riri Williams, Ironheart – the star of Invincible Iron Man. Riri is a young, black female who’s a genius and bloody awesome character (from what we’ve seen so far). Is this issue a promising start? It is indeed!

Riri is quite a typical Brian Michaen Bendis is a way, and this issue is rather typical in terms of a debut for a new superhero, but she’s great. Civil War II isn’t over yet, so we don’t know the specifics of Tony Stark and his heroic days – and that’s a hindrance to this comic.

Riri is a socially awkward character – much the opposite of her Iron Man predecessor – and it creates a brand new dynamic that we really enjoy. She’s a very driven person and we’re sure she’ll be relatable for a plethora of people, and that’s excellent.

Bendis gives us a good blend of action and personality, allowing us to get to know Riri while delivering on excitement. This issue will get you up to speed with her character and her arc pretty damn well, new readers will find this issue all they need to get them in the know.

The artwork is fairly standard for a Marvel comic, but the standard is high. The style is great, almost popping off of each page. The technology, the characteristics, and the action all look spot on. It’s nothing new, but we can live with that.

8.8 Awesome

Invincible Iron Man #1 introduces a new Iron Man - Riri Williams. We're pretty damn happy with her introduction.

  • Personality 10
  • Artwork 8
  • Action 8.5

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