Things have been building up pretty nicely in the reluctant war between the Inhumans and the X-Men, but this episode commences the action we’ve all been waiting for. Well, kind of.

The X-Men, and other Mutants, have indeed launched an attack on New Attilan in a desperate effort to save their race. They don’t want to hurt any civilians, and really they don’t want to hurt any Inhumans. Most of them would rather move the Inhumans to a place where they can’t continue to do damage to them. That’s where the beauty in this conflict is: it’s a respectful war. It sounds silly to say that, but they’re both doing it purely out of necessity.

The artwork really shines through and is the highlight of this issue. Soule’s art feels cinematic and truly makes us wish we could see the Inhumans and X-Men face off on the big screen. The character work is great, even if ensemble panels they each stand out and get their own moment of glory. Sabretooth on fire fighting against the Human Torch looked particularly bad-ass!

We’re just at the point where the real fighting should take place, and we feel as if we’re a long way off a resolution to this battle. Will a resolution be met or will a side truly win? We suspect the former, but we’re enjoying the journey to find out.

8.3 Awesome

The Mutants and Inhumans finally trade blows in the action-packed and beautifully-drawn second issue of Marvel's Inhumans Vs. X-Men.

  • Artwork 9
  • Action 8
  • Story 8

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