With Infinity Wars #1, Marvel once again shows us the true might of the Infinity Stones and the power they have over the universe. We don’t just mean their literal power either, but the greed that infects heroes and villains over wielding them. But this new event introduces a new powerful threat looking to upend the balance.

It starts with Gamora explaining to Star-Lord that a piece of her soul is missing, still trapped inside the Soul Gem, and she wants to open it. Their relationship clearly seems strained, and Infinity Wars #1 really pushes it to the limits by the end of the issue. But one of the most interesting moments from this new beginning, is the assembling of the Infinity Watch (all the heroes and villains that currently hold an Infinity Stone), by Doctor Strange. Because Turk Barrett is a crime lord thanks to using the Mind Stone, he brings a whole host of bad guys with him, including Bullseye, who undeniably has some of the best lines in the issue.

Infinity Wars #1

The focus is very clearly on the Infinity Watch, so it felt strange to shove Loki in the story as he investigates some otherworldly threats. It pulled the issue apart when the arguments between the Infinity Watch were just getting interesting. But it does have one of the most intriguing parts of the issue. We see our version of Loki meet an alternate doppelganger, this Loki is a hero, essentially acts like Thor – AND he’s wielding all of the Infinity Stones in his armour. It’s an impressive look, and we get the feeling that our version of Loki is going to become a lot more integral to this story very soon.  But once a new villainous threat, calling herself Requiem, makes a deadly entrance, it’s very clear that the Infinity Watch really aren’t cut out for this fight. It also leaves us on a cliffhanger with one hero’s fate in particular left in the balance. But don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil it for you.

The only thing we’re really concerned about is that a full plot doesn’t seem to have revealed itself. Yes, Requiem wants the stones, Loki seems to be investigating an alternate reality problem in which someone could be pulling the strings but there doesn’t seem to be an initial grand plot. Infinity Wars #1 feels messy – but with some cool moments scattered across the first issue. But at least the art makes it a joy to read, Alternate-Loki v Soul Eater is very cool.

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6.7 Messy, but cool.

Although it has some visually brilliant moments, the story seems a little messy so far. But there's definite potential after the two big reveals in the issue.

  • Plot 5
  • Art 8
  • Requiem reveal 7

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