Finn has been rescued from the Kepler conspiracy and is once more in the company of his friends. Unfortunately, he’s also been implanted with four explosive devises that are currently walking around the inside of his chest. Correction – make that three.

Zhia and the rest of the team are on the run, and it’s exciting from the get go. The action in this comic is undeniably fun, built up with intense storylines and unique artwork. Motion is really emphasized – yes, detail lacks at times but it’s in favour for sheer excitement and it works.

There’s plenty of twists and turns in the issue, and they’re given an emotional depth to them when Finn is back from the agents, especially as Zhia’s team become the hunted rather than the hunters. The next issue is set up pretty damn well too thanks to an introduction to a new character. We can’t wait!

This comic is building towards the bigger picture one exciting instalment at a time, and we honestly think Horizon will work better as a graphic novel with a bunch of issues combined. Either way, this singular issue was an action-packed, unique piece of awesomeness.

8.6 Great

Issue #4 of Horizon is a fast-paced, action-packed instalment that helps to build towards a larger narrative.

  • Pacing 9
  • Action 9
  • Art 8
  • Storyline 8.5

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