So far, so good – that’s how we feel about Image’s Horizon comic. It’s never blown the socks off of us, unlike Dark Horse’s Black Hammer, but it’s been enjoyable thus far. Issue #3 continues this trend: we enjoyed reading it and we’re looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

The first two issues were used to set up the conflict and the main bulk of the plot, and this issue gave us a deeper look at the characters. There’s been some subtle character development and insight before this, but nowhere near to this extent. It was much needed really as the comic needed to get us invested in the characters, and they’ve done just that.

The flashback sequences focus on aliens, but the writers have done well to make us relate to them by making them feel human-like. Even down to their dialogue, there’s similar to everyday people. Finally seeing a little bit of their lives before their mission to invade Earth was great, but possibly not worth the wait.

The art is the standout feature of Horizon, Juan Gedeon uses a distinctive style of drawing – nearly opting subscribing to the “less is more” ideology. There’s not a huge amount of detail, but it suits this story well. Motion is displayed impeccably too – the characters move seamlessly through panels and it all feels incredibly fluid. It all stems from clever linework: something he’s near perfected at this point.

Overall, Horizon isn’t the next break-through comic book. It’s a sci-fi story that recognises its strengths and plays on them.

8.3 Good

Horizon isn't the next big comic, but it's a fun sci-fi story that plays upon its strengths.

  • Character development 8
  • Action sequences 10
  • Artwork 9.5
  • Storyline 7
  • Predictability 7

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