It’s clear so far that Horizon is definitely not rushing through the story, and things aren’t always clear. Where does this issue pick up from? Is it Zhia we was following in the first issue? Either way, it’s interesting to see what her species can do.

We can’t tell if this is a good thing or if it’s bad, but the character development moves at a snail’s pace. The assuring thing is that the writer is trying to set the scene and flesh out the story before delving into the characters properly. There’s a slight dynamic forming between Zhia’s team – she’s the straight-forward fighter, and there’s a technological whiz who is sure to come in handy. The team compliment each other well in the little bit of time spent with them.

One thing is for certain, and that’s the intentions of Zhia and the rest of her species. They really dislike the humans as a race, and looking from an outsider’s perspective, we start to understand why. Their motivation is justified and it’s enough to make us ponder upon how we truly are, and the detrimental effect we have on our planet.

The artwork is solid, just like the first issue. Seeing the technology and psychical capabilities gives us a sense of intimidation and really believe the threat posed to Earth and its inhabitants. Issue #2 of Horizon helps to pull you further into the story and enables you to start feeling for the characters. We hope they continue to develop, perhaps at a quicker speed, so we can learn more about them than what meets the eye.

8.0 Cool

Horizon #2 is slow in places but excels in others. It has an eye-opening concept and is picking up in execution.

  • Eye-opening concept 10
  • Character Development 5
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Storyline 8.5

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