An invasion is coming in Issue #1 of Image Comics’¬†Horizon. The planet Valius is under threat from aliens that are from another planet. These aliens have already ruined their planet through pollution and general bad treatment, and now it’s Valius’ turn. The only way they can save their planet is to stop the invasion before it happens, so soldiers are sent on an undercover mission on the alien planet. The name of this planet? Earth.

This premise is a unique perspective and take on a comic, and it makes us question our very behaviour on a day-to-day basis. It paints us in a destructive and villainous light, and it’s hard to see it any other way as we read through. The protagonist of this issue is a solider named Zhia, she crashs on Earth and learns to adapt to life on our doomed planet.

Instead of spending too much time telling the story and setting the scene, writer Brandon Thomas allows us to get to know how Zhia behaves, who she really is, and why we should give a shit about her. There are plenty of panels with no dialogue, allowing us to get to know how Zhia operates – they’re highly effective, and it definitely wouldn’t work in most of the other comics on the market. A dystopian future isn’t new, but when we’re already on this path it puts a distinct light on our situation as a planet. It’s realistic to think that we’re ruining our planet, and that’s where¬†Horizon shines.

The artwork is a tad basic for us at times, bordering on lazy. The lack of detail is purposeful, we think, but it just seems undeserved and random. The fluid layouts help the flow of the story, but we can’t help look past the clear absence of focus. This is a great debut issue for a fascinating concept, and we’ll definitely be back to follow Zhia on her Earthly mission.

8.7 Interesting

The humans of Earth are set to invade another planet, but how do outsiders see our beloved world?

  • Outsiders perspective on humanity 9
  • Compelling lead character 8
  • Fresh concept 9

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