Boy, did Hawkeye #2 feel long! We’re not sure it’s a bad thing though, somehow Kelly Thompson managed to write an entertaining story that felt way beyond the 20-odd pages it’s on. We’re very impressed with this comic so far, it feels like an extension on the previous run involving Kate Bishop, and that’s a good thing.

While this feels like a direct callback to her previous adventures, it’s a very unique series and Kate feels very much like her own character with her own quirks and identity. It’s good that there’s a supporting cast being built up, it’ll make it feel like she’s sticking around.

This storyline follows a strange case of stalking, a cult-like group, and plenty of quirkiness (mainly from Kate, of course). In many different situations, Kate uses her vision and sight to her advantage and maps out advantageous surroundings that’ll help her in her upcoming conflict. It’s a nice touch and puts you into her mind a little bit before she strikes. It’s even better when you see how these surroundings are used in real time!

The panel arrangements allow the story to move nicely, even if the pacing is deliberately slow – which is why the issue feels so lengthy. There’s a particular panel where we see Kate move dynamically three or four times as she takes down a bunch of jocks, and it’s incredibly effective in showing her fighting expertise in one go.

Even though this issue went on and on, we were engaged at all times. We’re not sure how it was achieved but we’d welcome it in every issue. Thompson did a great job on A-Force and she’s quickly proven that Marvel need to keep her around.

9.3 Awesome

This issue of Hawkeye has everything: stalking, a cult, amazing artwork, and plenty of sass.

  • Personality 10
  • Artwork 9
  • Storyline 9
  • Lengthy feel 9

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