Harley Quinn & the Suicide Squad #1 is one the craziest new issues from DC Comics, and we love it.

It has such an individual feel and style to it – we can’t help but fall in love with Harleen Quinzel all over again. And that is the most interesting thing, she’s not only her supervillain self, but the psychiatrist too. She jumps back and forth between the two across the issue and it works fantastically. The writers remind the audience that she’s not just a crazy supervillain, but a very intelligent doctor too. The balance of that in her psyche does tip in the favour of crazy though. But you can’t help but love her for it.

There’s no doubt in our minds that DC Comics have realised that Harley Quinn & the Suicide Squad  #1 helps capitalise on the upcoming Suicide Squad film, and it fully embraces some of those characters in a great way. But at the same time, it’s hard not to think that this is just a ploy to hype up the new film rather than writing a good story. Whilst it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just feels a little two-dimensional at times. But the issue is still a fascinating read. And that is largely down to Harley’s shifting mental state.

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Hear us out. But we’re in love with how the comic’s art style as Harley’s mentality shifts between supervillain and psychiatrist. Whilst the gritty realist style of the main bulk of the issue shows what she’s really up to – the psychiatrist costume sees her in cartoon-y light hearted visuals. And this works superbly. If this were any other series, it wouldn’t work. But since it’s Harley Quinn & the Suicide Squad #1… It’s perfect. This issue includes so many fantastic moments, and surprising characters. Ranging from the Justice League, all the way to Scarecrow and Mothman. Yep.

It’s an extremely bold comic, and isn’t afraid to make some crazy choices throughout. The pinnacle of the issue for us? Harley headbutting Batman and breaking his nose. Fantastic. It’s such a brilliantly-Harley thing to do, the writers certainly have her character written perfectly. It’s quite possibly that Harley Quinn & the Suicide Squad #1 could be the start of a hidden gem in DC Comics.

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9.3 Superbly insane

Harley Quinn ft. Dr Harleen Quinzel is perfect. The mix of two very different art styles is radically different to the norm - and it works fantastically.

  • Headbutting Batman 10
  • Range of villains/heroes 9.5
  • The comic's end twist 8.5

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