We look at our favourite versions of the lovable side-kick of The Joker.

First and foremost, Harley Quinn was originally created on ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ from the 90’s. And from the reaction from fans, she was introduced into the mainstream DC comic continuity (similar to Felicity Smoak and John Diggle from ‘Arrow’). She was a perfect accomplice to The Joker, with a quirky, humorous take on the madness and mayhem they caused. There’s several versions of the jolly jester, spanning across television/games and movies. Here are our favourites:

  1. Margot Robbie

This is the version that we’ve already fallen in love with. We saw about 30 seconds of Harley in the Suicide Squad trailer, and we’re sold. It mixes elements from all aspects of the character’s numerous costumes – whilst still staying true to itself. The dip dyed, two tone hair adds to the “girly” aspect of the character, whilst the studded belts, baseball bat and numerous tattoos show the gritty violent side of the psycho ex-psychiatrist. It seems like the bubble-gum blowing femme-fatale will stay true to the quirky jokey source material, but we hope to see her go super crazy and violent in the film.


2. The Animated ‘Batman: Assault On Arkham’ Movie

Set in the same universe as the hugely popular ‘Arkham’ games, the film follows Harley as part of the Suicide Squad, infiltrating Arkham to find The Riddler. Naturally this causes some tension as this is after Harleen has left The Joker and he’s still incarcerated. Her costume is a modern take on her traditional black and red jumpsuit, utilizing the hat, a crop top, trousers and military style boots to form a very distinct look. She’s also a very sexually charged character, using it as a way to get what she wants. In this case she uses it to gain Deadshot’s protection.


3. Batman: Arkham Knight

The hugely anticipated final instalment of the ‘Arkham’ series was incredible, and deserves it’s own post, that’ll come soon. The final version of Harley looked unbelievable. Mixing biker/bondage leather couture with a white shirt, she certainly holds her own. In fact she’s shown as a completely competent gang leader, taking over the remnants of The Joker’s gang.


4. Harley Quinn.

The original jumpsuit. It’s hands down our favourite version of our lovable Jester. It’s the version that inspired a generation of comic fans, and was integral in the interpretations we’ve seen since. It’s simple, cool and utterly villainous. The black and red opposite design suits her nearly split personality at times and just shows that she’s as much of a villain as The Joker when she wants to be.



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