Things get unbelievably weird in Harley Quinn #9, and we’re not complaining in the slightest. It’s a trippy and bizarre issue that grabs the audience by the neck and drags them along for the ride. In a good way. Trust us though, it’s odd. But then, isn’t that Harley in a nutshell? Ultimately, this story is about getting her to a certain place for the return of a classic fan favourite character. But we’re not sure Harley is a reliable person to tell us this story, especially after the concussion she endures midway through the issue alongside the crazy dreams she has.

Some of the visuals in Harley Quinn #9 are unbelievably crazy. During the moment when she’s concussed, we’re treated to a beautifully insane tapestry of various situations that all blend together in a vibrant sea of colour. The actual plot of the issue is a little unsure of itself, meaning that it zigzags across New York, giving Harley new people to meet and general errands to run. It does lose it’s footing occasionally, like a rather calm doctors appointment that doesn’t really add much to the story. But, the wild art certainly makes up for the odd misstep here and there.

Harley Quinn #9

Harley is one of the most popular comic book characters across the world right now, and DC are definitely taking advantage of that. But they’re not wasting her talent either. They’re constantly developing her in a brilliant way. And this latest direction will surely shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, the ending of Harley Quinn #9 won’t be resolved until #11. It’s a great place to leave off from though, as it’s a huge revelation. Not just for the Clown Princess of Crime, but the DC Universe as a whole. If you’re a fan of Harley Quinn, you need to be reading this solo series.

9.0 Bizarrely brilliant

Wild, crazy and insane.

  • Plot 7.9
  • Action 9
  • Concussed Head Trip 9.5
  • Ending 9.5

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