Harley Quinn #8 takes a break.

Usually, filler issues aren’t that great. Let’s be honest, they’re a little annoying, pointless and sometimes just get in their own way. Luckily, the latest issue in Harley’s storyline is far from annoying. If anything, it’s a welcome addition to the rest of the series. It’s allowed to be as weird as it likes, without being constrained to a previous plot point. It sees Harley and her best friend Ivy take a holiday together away from the recent craziness they’ve been caught up in. And for an issue that doesn’t have any villains trying to kill the pair – it’s still hugely entertaining.

Harley and Ivy have had a special relationship that clearly goes further than just being friends – and it’s explored a little further in Harley Quinn #8. Including why Ivy’s never made their relationship a serious one. It’s a shame, because we’d love to see a Rebirth series teaming the two together for a long adventure. But for now, this issue will have to do. Whilst it doesn’t include violence and mayhem – it does include nudists and weirdness. So don’t fret if you’re looking for a dose of Harley Quinn insanity, that’s still there.

The writers have cleverly set up a Joker sub-plot from a few issues back – involving Harley’s time at Arkham. And this issue continues the flashbacks to her time as Doctor Harleen Quinzel, respected psychiatrist. Her interview of the Clown Prince of Crime provides a surprisingly in depth analysis of The Joker’s psyche. It’s a rare treat that steps away from the main plot of Harley Quinn #8 for a few moments. We can’t help but notice that The Joker has been considerably absent in the Rebirth run so far. Hopefully they’ll be bringing one of the three versions of him back pretty soon. Overall, Harley Quinn #8 is a step away from her main story, and allows the anti-hero to stop and catch her breath. Usually, filler issues aren’t that great. However – this is the ultimate exception. Don’t miss out.

9.3 Brilliant
  • Plot 9.5
  • Harley + Ivy 9
  • Joker flashback 9.5

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