Harley Quinn #7 rounds off the punk story brilliantly.

The issue mainly takes place in the superhero fetish club. And we still can’t believe that those are words we have to write, but still. We feel like we’re repeating ourselves again, but it’s absolutely crazy. It does kind of feel like the writers are using the club as a way of saying just how far they’re prepared to go, but at the same time, it works seamlessly in a series such as this. Especially when it gets a little deeper and incorporates Arkham into it. It’s almost as if we’re delving into Harley’s brain.

The rest of Harley’s band prove that they’re not just funny side characters, as they help track down all the evidence needed for the Police Chief’s investigation. Although this may or may not involve whiskey and drinking games. There’s some fantastic one liners in Harley Quinn #7, and it’s this kind of quippy dialogue that makes it quite easy to read. But it’s not exactly kid-friendly, that’s for sure.

The plot does get developed considerably, and it intricately incorporates a classic Batman villain into the fold. All becomes clear after a conversation with the singer and the owner of the fetish club. Although it does feel a little anti-climactic given the character involved (we won’t spoil it for you). Hopefully it’s because the writers are planning to use them in the series at a later date. But in this smaller story arc it felt a little disappointing. Having said that, it’s a fast paced finale to the punk band era of Harley Quinn. And whilst the story does feel like it’s trying to rush itself over the finish line, it does make for great reading if you’re a fan of the character. Again, this crazy series is one of our favourites coming out of DC Comics.

9.1 A brilliant ending.

Fast paced and a lot of fun.

  • Plot 9
  • Characters 8.4
  • Character development 10

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