Harley Quinn #6 ramps up the weirdness from the previous issue.

Taking cues from classic punk bands – Harley’s stage debut as ‘GG Harlin and the Skull Bags‘ is riotous. But then, what did we expect? It wasn’t exactly going to be an opera performance. Whilst we won’t ruin the tricks that Harley has up her sleeve for the show, but they’re certainly wild – even for her. The riotous nature is actually well thought out and not just for the sake of it. But the show is just the tip of the iceberg, a way of getting to know the headline band – ‘Purple Satin’. They’re the ones with connections to the bank robbers afterall.

The issue also asks questions we’ve been wondering since the start of the series… how is Eggy actually an Egg? Harley Quinn #6 is clearly going for the meaty existential questions. But our favourite part of the issue is the flashback to Harley’s time as Doctor Quinzel at Arkham. We get a beautifully drawn sequence showcasing a session with The Joker, and it’s stunning. It stands apart from the rest of the issue, and it’s genuinely enthralling seeing a glimpse of the start of their relationship.

Whilst ‘Purple Satin’ seem like generic stand-in roguish types, they certainly lead our favourite clown princess-of crime in an interesting direction. With an ending that is genuinely quite funny, we can’t help but wonder how it plays into the actual storyline or if it’s used just for shock value. Overall Harley Quinn #6 is a fantastic entry into this story, and it’s only going to get crazier. Hopefully the writers don’t just use the wild nature of the series as a scapegoat to avoid actually crafting an intriguing story. Because so far, it’s one of the most unique series to come out of DC Comics in a long time.

9.3 Insane
  • Showtime 9.5
  • Joker flashback 10
  • Plot 8.5

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