Harley Quinn #5 has Ms. Quinzel set up a band.

No we’re not kidding. It’s completely off the wall weird, but it honestly works so well. It’s incredible how far DC Comics have taken this character since her inception in the Batman animated tv series. And whilst it could be said that the actual plot of the issue is just an excuse to put Ms. Quinzel in a new situation that we haven’t seen before – it’s hard to deny that it’s not wonderfully executed. It uses so many brilliantly unique characters from this series as well as Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys.

The main plot sees Harley recruited by the New York Chief of Police for an ‘off the books’ job to get rid of a group of bank robbers… dressed as knights on horseback. We did tell you it was crazy. She’s given a single lead to follow and she takes it from there. And whilst the main story does slow down a little from there, it still manages to craft interesting directions and situations that other comics simply wouldn’t be able to get away with. A huge part of Harley Quinn #5 has the eponymous anti-hero recruiting individuals for her band that can handle themselves when things inevitably go south.

The only negative of the issue is that the writers focus a little too much on Red Tool’s portion of the storyline. We say it’s a negative, but actually we found it quite immersive. It’s funny, fast-paced and has some hilarious lines of dialogue. Is this a way of saying we want a Red Tool solo series? Maybe. But it does take time away from the main bulk of the issue, making Harley Quinn #5 feel a little choppy in places. But considering it’s a great little inclusion, we can let that one go a little. This series is headed in an interesting direction, and we can’t wait to see where it leads.

9.1 Brilliantly bonkers.
  • Harley 9.5
  • Red Tool's story 9.4
  • Plot juggling 7.8
  • Main plot 9.5

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