All’s fair in love and war in Harley Quinn #12. The Joker is back, and Red Tool isn’t afraid to show him what he thinks of the Clown Prince of Crime. And it’s plot mainly consists of Harley and Red Tool dishing out some much needed punishment. It’s a no holds barred beating, as he truly gets what he deserves. And although it sacrifices much of the actual plot points for action and violence, it still manages to be a great read simply due to letting Harley get her own back on her abusive ex-boyfriend. Surprisingly, The Joker hasn’t made much of an appearance in the DC Universe since Rebirth, so this inclusion is a little different to what we were expecting.

When reading Harley Quinn #12, there’s that underlying concern that Harley will end up back with The Joker in a twisted and warped relationship once again. However, that is luckily not the case in the slightest. Instead, we’re given a gripping parallel that shows us how Harley perceived the relationship compared to the reality. And the reality is quite brutal. Harley’s solo series frequently allows itself to be crazy, funny and downright weird – but this inclusion felt brutally honest. It felt necessary, and it provides a little explanation as to why she’s a little bit messed up.

The only issue with including The Joker in a series like this, is that he has the ability to completely take over and steal the spotlight. Harley Quinn #12 sets up something of an over-arching plot at the beginning of the issue, and then all the madness surrounding The Joker takes over the issue and we don’t see anything else of it. We’ll see this carry over to the next issue, but it felt like a little too much to try and squeeze in when the Clown Prince of Crime was making his appearance. It’s still a good read though, even if it is absolutely mental.

8.9 A good read
  • Plot 8
  • Harley's revenge 9.7
  • Eye opening of the relationship 9

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