Marvel NOW! is back, and commences a new arc in the world of Gwenpool: Head of M.O.D.O.K., which stands for Mercenary Organisation Dedicated Only to Killing, of course. So, how does Gwenpool get on in her new job?

It’s hard to say. She’s not too involved in leading the team as of yet, even though she’s meeting people who are strangely more normal than expected. One thing we’re sure of is Gwen’s undying enthusiasm. Her outlook on her adventures – specifically because of her “circumstances” of becoming a character – is unmatched and unseen in this universe. Gwen’s truly a wildcard, much like Deadpool, and it’s always a pleasure to follow her.

The artwork fits the playfulness and energy of the characters and the story. Gwenpool doesn’t find herself in any action in this issue, but the ending suggests there’s going to be plenty of it in next month’s instalment. The artwork manages to keep a dialogue-heavy issue enjoyable and engaging, though it’s hard to get bored of Gwen, Batroc, and the host of weird villains she’s conjured up.

Really, not too much went on in this issue but it didn’t feel wasted or like a filler. Still, we’re looking forward to an action-packed Issue #8.

8.0 Awesome

Gwenpool is the new head of M.O.D.O.K., but how does she get on in the role?

  • Gwenpool 9
  • Humour and optimism 9
  • Artwork 9
  • Plot development 5

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