Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #1 is one of the most weirdest, outlandish comics we’ve ever read.

It takes popular characters, mythology and general horror lore – and mashes them altogether to create this strangely entertaining horror series. It does require the audience to know a little bit about the characters previously, but apart from that – it’s a relatively easy read. And it might just be the obvious comparisons – but we can’t help but compare Robyn Locksley/Robyn Hood with Green Arrow. And that’s no bad thing – a female archer who doesn’t take any shit AND is a completely fleshed out character is fine by us.

It’s great to see that she’s not just a stand-in, and the story takes the time and care to develop her character over the course of the issue just via smaller moments interacting with her friends. It was great to see Van Helsing crossover to the story too – and it just makes perfect sense for the narrative to include her in saving the world. What we really want is a team up series of Van Helsing and Robyn Hood, those two characters are genuinely perfect. The plot is absurd and out of this world, and is steeped in it’s own mythology.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #1

But it utilises elements from various folk stories, bible passages and so on to create this brilliantly cohesive story that just seems to work perfectly. It’s tone is also absolutely brilliant, mixing humour and horror with ease. It reminds us of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in places, as a big gang of friends fight armies of otherworldly supernatural forces. Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #1 does get a little too wrapped up in it’s spells of doom and gloom towards the end of the issue, but given that this is a mythological/supernatural series – it can be forgiven for dwelling in the dark.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #1 is a fantastically weird issue that horror fans will probably love.

8.5 A great read

A group of strange heroes face off against the armies of darkness, and it's a crazy ride.

  • Robyn Hood 9.5
  • Using popular myths/folk lore to it's advantage 9
  • Spells, doom and gloom 7

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