We get a double dose of Lantern adventures in the new Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 issue.

The story focuses on two different Lanterns on Earth, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz The first thing that really strikes a chord with the reader, is the fact that the writers have consistently chosen people from diverse ethnicities to portray different Lanterns. It’s refreshing in a world of mainstream whitewashing, and it deals with that in it’s own way. Especially in the case of Baz, who deals with racism in his own neighbourhood, especially after a misunderstanding when he stole a car that was loaded with a bomb. It’s clear from the get-go that he’s a deeply flawed character, and has numerous internal issues that he has to work through, and not always in the most peaceful of ways.

The second is Jessica Cruz, who has agoraphobia after being terrified of the men who murdered her friends. When she ultimately becomes a Green Lantern after defeating an alien host, she starts to overcome her mental illness. She’s another flawed character that has her own problems to deal with away from superheroics and supervillains, this ultimately makes her more relatable and easier to read. The only problem with this first issue, is that it requires a certain level of backstory to these characters (hence our quick little overview above), and it can appear quite daunting to new readers. Once you look past that, it’s an easy read.


With the small twist in the last few pages of the book, we’re introduced to the legendary Hal Jordan, who has brought these two Lanterns together so that he knows the Earth will be protected. It’s an incredible weight to place on two individuals struggling to overcome their own personal problems, but if Hal Jordan has faith in these characters, I guess we’re supposed to also.

Written by Geoff Johns himself and Sam Humphries, Green Lanterns: Rebirth is an entertaining read for Green Lantern fans of all ages. But like we’ve already mentioned, the opening to the issue could be a little confusing to some readers, but it does it’s best to inform new readers of previous events without fully explaining everything. Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 is another issue in the Rebirth series that keeps up this element of hope in the DC Universe, as the two characters both attempt to get over their respective problems in an effort to be two more protectors of Earth.

We’re looking forward to seeing them interact with the rest of the Justice League, that’s for sure. We’re sure that The Flash will have something to say to Jessica Cruz after she saved his life.

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8.0 Interesting Direction

It's a good move to pair up two rookie Lantern's together, but will they actually have an enemy to face or will it just be a prolonged Justice League training montage? With Geoff Johns behind the steering wheel, we hope not.

  • Geoff Johns' writing 9
  • Baz/Cruz team-up 9
  • Prior knowledge needed 6

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