Green Lanterns #3 starts to put the duo at odds with each other…

All buddy/cop stories are built on overcoming an obstacle of some kind. This one just happens to include a bunch of aliens wanting to take over Earth… obviously. Whilst we were originally a little skeptical of Atrocitus as a villain, he starts to take the centre stage a little more in Green Lanterns #3. He essentially wants to turn Earth into a base for the Red Lanterns, of course. This involves turning the population into Rage filled shells of their former selves. Which is where the Green Lanterns step/stumble in. They’re both clearly still new at this.

And that’s exactly what makes them great characters to interact with. They’re not the perfect heroes like Batman or Superman, they make mistakes. Whilst they’re essentially super-space-police, they’re still human. It’s that element of humanity that makes them compelling to read and relate to. We see them both struggling to overcome adversities like mental illness and mass racism. Since Simon is Muslim, a huge part of his character is worrying for his family, and the abuse that they’re constantly under simply for their religion.

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In fact one of the most powerful moments comes from something we originally thought was very weird. Throughout the issue we see Simon carrying a teddy bear. And it isn’t mentioned whatsoever, until he loses it and his narrative tells us that he picked it up for his nephew, as teddy bears make him less afraid of the world. And that’s the emotional gut punch of the issue. And it’s masterfully written. In a story filled with alien monsters and space-cops, it still manages to make you feel for the scared little boy who just wants a teddy bear. Whilst the second issue was primarily focused on Jessica, this is definitely a Simon issue.

The art style of Green Lanterns #3 is a little different to previous issues, as it tries to focus on Jessica and Simon as people rather than Green Lanterns. By this, we mean that their mannerisms and expressions are closely detailed with extreme precision. It’s a small, but brilliant artistic flair that works wonderfully. The writers and artists have managed to make the story and the art combine flawlessly to display each of the character’s emotions.

We’re loving the flawed heroes, and Green Lanterns #3 is another fantastic instalment to the story – we can’t wait to see where it heads next. Keep up to date with the latest DC Comics news and reviews here at Heroes Direct.


9.0 Brilliant

The art and the writing makes the characters seem that much more compelling in a brilliantly captivating issue.

  • Emotional Gut-Punch 10
  • Simon v Bleez 8
  • Cliffhanger 9

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