Green Lanterns #23 shows us what it’s like going through basic training for Jessica and Simon.

It suddenly makes sense that the pair of heroes would have to go through some kind of training with the Corps. They’re not exactly rookies now, but they still stumble in places. The main focus here is Jessica as she struggles to cope with Guy Gardner’s brand of tough training. It’s an interesting dynamic, that borders on the stereotypical ‘military drill sergeant’ role we see in films sometimes. But since it’s Gardner, and it fits his character, the issue gleefully uses this to it’s advantage.

Simon’s portion of Green Lanterns #23 partners him with the light-hearted Kyle Rayner. And his lesson is to make the young Lantern engage his brain a little more in combat. And for the large part, it’s an entertaining side-story along with the troubles of Jessica. But it’s very much that. It isn’t quite tacked on the side, but it doesn’t delve into Simon’s mentality as much as we understand Jessica’s struggles. It’s great to see Kyle Rayner once again though. He works well in a teaching capacity. The visuals that he creates as part of Simon’s story are incredible, and suit this series brilliantly.

Green Lanterns #23 feels like ‘S.W.A.T’ meets ‘Starship Troopers’. In a good way. We see these rookies get built from the ground up as they begin to make bold choices to prove their worth. And whilst the cliffhanger didn’t feel too dramatic, it’ll certainly change the dynamic between the Lanterns and their teachers. The Volthoom part of the story slowed the issue down a little. And whilst it was interesting to see some of his plan, it was weak compared to the rest of it. One of the most enjoyable parts of the story was Kilowog explaining a little more about the mythology of the Corps and willpower. Overall, it’s an enjoyable issue that gives the audience a wider look at life in the Green Lantern Corps.

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8.7 A good read

Green Lanterns #23 delves into life as a rookie in the Corps, and also proves to be quite entertaining.

  • Plot 8
  • Willpower Mythology 9.5
  • Character Dynamics 8.5

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