Without a doubt, this series is one of our favourites in the Rebirth event, and it shows no sign of stopping. Green Lanterns #16 combines the forces of Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz with Batman in a slightly dysfunctional partnership. And for the most part it works. But it isn’t without it’s internal conflicts between the three heroes. But then, a story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if things were so easy every single time. Especially since it seems the Sinestro Corps are at play somewhere in Gotham.

The most interesting part of the issue was the conflict between Batman and Simon. More importantly, Bats’ annoyance at Simon’s gun strapped to his leg. Once that becomes part of the argument – it blows out of proportion. Seeing the two heroes quarrel makes a lot of thematic sense – this is something they’ll have to work through to get over their respective fears. Because that is realistically the heart of this storyline, overcoming fear in whatever form that takes. Jessica is sidelined slightly in Green Lanterns #16, but we doubt that will happen for too long.

What’s definitely present in Green Lanterns #16 are the dingy, Gotham type themes across this issue laced with some light hearted Lantern humour. It does feel a little forced as a team-up issue. But nonetheless, seeing the pair interact and work with different heroes does read quite well. And the story isn’t without its own surprises and twists either. It makes some interesting choices towards the end of the issue that are genuinely quite bold. And the blend of two villains from the respective heroes seems like an obvious choice once it’s visually put together. Overall, it’s an entertaining issue that shows that the Lanterns can flourish outside of their comfort zones, but they might not like it at first.

8.9 A great read
  • Plot 9
  • Batman v Simon 9.5
  • Sidelined Jessica 7.5
  • Sinescrow. 9.5

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