‘A Day in the Life’ is a story that primarily focuses on Jessica Cruz, but it allows the space for plenty of other characters (like Batman and the Justice League) to cross over. It’s a relatively self-contained story that reaches out to other characters in the DC Universe and also stories in the future. Green Lanterns #15 isn’t a fast paced action/adventure issue, but it does prove how well written some of these characters. Given this wild and crazy this cosmic series can be – it needs the occasional pause for us to get to know the team a little better.

It’s no secret that Jessica Cruz struggles with her role as a Green Lantern balanced against her crippling anxiety. We’ve seen her at her worst, but she always comes up stronger from it. This issue is an excellent example of that. It’s astounding how relatable Sam Humphries has written her. It’s an accurate representation of how mental illness can affect and disable someone. Even someone who happens to be a space cop. Just her struggling to get out of bed resonates with the reader on a deeper level than most comic books.

Green Lanterns #15 looks at Jessica’s sometimes troubled partnership with Simon in a very real way. They don’t always work perfectly as a team. But their personal journey trying to understand each other and help with personal issues develops their characters in a fantastically honest way. If you took the superhero aspect of this buddy/cop drama out of it, the story would still make complete sense. And that’s the sign of a great story, let alone a great comic. It’s safe to say that Green Lanterns has been one of our most anticipated releases, and this issue is no exception. In fact, this issue is quite possibly the best one in the series so far. If you’re looking for a superbly written characterised story with some superheroics – this is the one for you.

9.5 Fantastic
  • Plot 9
  • Character Development 10
  • Jessica Cruz 9.5

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