Frank Laminski is having a pretty bad day, and it’s only going to get worse in Green Lanterns #14. Over the course of his introduction in this series, we’ve seen him take on nearly all of the different coloured Lantern forms. But it’s only when he becomes an Indigo Lantern that the story develops his character that one step further and shows him his actions, consequences and all. It’s an intriguing way of writing a villain, because essentially – he’s come to the conclusion all by himself, the Green Lanterns are just there for the ride. Not that we’re complaining, because they have some of the most diverse and interesting character arcs in the Justice League.

Our personal favourite Lantern at the minute, is by far Jessica Cruz. Her role in DC Comics has shifted and changed across her appearances, but it’s only now that she’s beginning to realise her worth. Her journey is a quietly interesting one. It doesn’t need to be brash or loud for her to progress – and it makes her a completely three dimensional character rather than included to be the token female sidekick. We see that come through in Green Lanterns #14 in a huge way.

Some of the issue felt a little shoehorned in, like the inclusion of other Green Lanterns coming to check on the duo. It didn’t particularly feel necessary, especially since the large portion of the story was over. It almost felt like an afterthought just show the inclusion with the rest of the corps. The ending of the issue sees the game change completely, as it gets a little weirder than we thought was possible. Volthoom is definitely coming back to the DC Universe in a larger role than he’s previously had that’s for sure. It’s a good issue that will definitely lead to bigger things on the horizon.

8.5 Intriguing
  • Plot 8.5
  • Volthoom Ending 9.5
  • Tacked on characters 7.5

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