Green Lanterns #12 sees Frank Laminski completely lose it.

The main villain for the pair of Lanterns has gone completely AWOL. He started out as a genuinely interesting character – striving to do good. But now he’s descended into an emotionally unstable villain that flickers between different powers. It’s something we haven’t particularly seen before as he utilises all of the different Lantern rings. He’s a victim of his own doing, and that actually makes for a compelling villain that stands out from the rest. And although he’s being manipulated, the villain’s story reads brilliantly throughout the issue.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz really are a staple pair of heroes in the DC Universe. They’ve been written with such depth, it’s hard not to fall in love with the pair. They’re both aware at their flaws, and don’t have full confidence in themselves. But they do know their strengths as a duo. Green Lanterns #12 rightfully acknowledges that the pair aren’t so dissimilar from Laminski, and addresses it in a sensible way. And that translates perfectly from the page. It’s also a breath of fresh air not to see a male/female pairing forced into a romantic relationship.

Volthoom as a villain is somewhat like a puppetmaster. Slowly manipulating Laminski from the wings – pushing him further towards implosion. Whilst this seems like an almost stereotypical plot device in superhero stories, it’s written in a great way. The artwork truly makes the villain look superbly creepy, which helps bring this story to life. Overall, Green Lanterns #12 is another brilliant entry in the series. We’re loving where the story is going – and can’t wait to get our hands on the next issue. We’ve no doubt that having to fight ‘fear’ versions of themselves will prove hugely difficult for our new favourite Lanterns.

8.9 Great
  • Plot 9
  • Action 8.5
  • Villains 9.1

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