Green Lanterns #11 focuses on the new Lantern.

And from the get go, he’s an obvious try-hard. The Phantom Ring that he’s wearing just makes him look as if he’s a real Green Lantern. When he’s a complete phony. Yes, he may be a hero at first but it’s clear that he’s not. He’s playing up to the tv cameras, the people and even to the Green Lanterns themselves. He’s impossible to like because he’s simply not real. This isn’t his real personality. His real self is the ugly, jealous side that we’ve seen in previous issues. But that makes him an intriguing villain.

Across the issue it’s clear that he does just want to be a hero. His heart is in the right place, but his personality is not. He’s been warped by jealousy, that he’s become an unlikeable person. And it’s something that Simon and Jessica see through straight away. Whilst he’s only a secondary villain (Volthoom is the main antagonist), he’s still captivating in the sense that he believes he’s doing good. But he’s so fake that it’s almost cringey, hurling lines like “This is a job for the GREEN LANTERN!” about the issue like he’s the first hero on the planet.

But that in itself makes our two main characters that much more likeable. They’re both struggling with their identities as heroes. Simon is clearly still affected by his time in Guantanamo Bay, whilst Jessica is constantly under panic due to her anxiety. But we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, flawed heroes make for better reading. Seeing the pair of them overcome difficulties to save the day is a lot more pleasing than a hero who never fails. And boy, does Frank Laminski fail – he even turns into an Orange Lantern, powered by Greed. (Not that we predicted that or anything.) And it’s clear that he’s greedy for power. Green Lanterns #11 is setting the stage for the pair to come to blows with Frank Laminski, and we can’t wait.

9.0 Awesome
  • Plot 9
  • Orange Lantern 8.4
  • Simon + Jessica 9.5

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