The Green Arrow teams up with Black Canary in a strange turn of events.

Since the Rebirth event, characters are starting to remember past relationships and people from before The New 52’s recent run. And from the moment that Oliver meets Dinah Lance, there’s an instant connection. When Green Arrow meets Black Canary, he initially thinks that she’s kidnapping a young boy, when in actual fact – she’s trying to get him medical aid. It’s great to see these beloved characters back into the rhythm that they once had, and it’s something that The New 52 run of the Emerald Archer was most definitely lacking. But now that they’ve put them both back on a course collision into each other, that spark is most definitely ignited. In fact it was one of the best parts of the first issue.


The plot is intriguing, but we can’t help but note the similarities to The Court of Owls from Batman’s recent run, as well as their inclusion on Gotham. A secret organisation that lies underneath Seattle is kidnapping members of the homeless community and selling them off to people around the globe for whatever use they fancy. Lovely. They, like The Court of Owls, have a thing for masks, and in one panel there’s even one of the Owls on a video call… are they all connected?

We won’t give too many spoilers away, but Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 was a brilliant read, it kept it’s pace whilst keeping the reader thoroughly engaged. Even for new comic book fans, this is a great jumping off point. There’s no need to have previously read anything Green Arrow related, as they explain the character through the first few pages. It obviously helps to be aware of some of the characters, but it’s not necessary. Even the romance between Dinah and Ollie doesn’t require a knowledge of what’s previously happened.

If you’re a fan of the Arrow tv series, or just the Green Arrow in general, you’ll definitely want to be reading the Rebirth run.

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9.3 On point.

A great jumping off point for the Rebirth run of Green Arrow that doesn't require you to have previously read any of the comics.

  • Black Canary/Green Arrow combo 10
  • Court of Seattle 9
  • Plot line. 9

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