Green Arrow #9 sees the team reunite.

And it all feels very ‘James Bond’. Deserted island, secret underground base, plenty of enemies to fight… but add Oliver Queen and co. into the mix and it suddenly becomes a superheroic rip-roaring adventure. It’s extremely fast paced, even if it feels a little tacked on to the end of the main storyline. It’s constantly running, jumping and kicking it’s way to the finishline. But it makes for great reading. The issue focuses on Diggle as he’s a prisoner whilst Ollie and Dinah try and find him. And ultimately, it’s a nice change of pace putting a male hero in the damsel in distress role.

Once they’ve got him backhowever, seeing the trio in action as a unit is fantastic after they were separated for a little while. It seems like there’s always someone missing at any one time. Once the connections between the two separate stories become clear though – it helps widen the perspective of the story. And even introduces some brand new characters that have their own story and own motivations away from the plot we’re dragged along with. It’s great to see things away from Oliver Queen and the gang come to the forefront of the storyline.

Whilst Green Arrow #9 is mainly an action packed thrill ride, it still manages to be entertaining as a visual rather than an intelligent, plot heavy issue. And sometimes, we need that amongst a complicated plot. And although the islanders story was a mini plot in itself, it didn’t really feel necessary to the main problem that Ollie is fighting against. Green Arrow #9 ends on an interesting cliff hanger, even if parts of it are a little bit unbelievable. But then again, this is the Green Arrow we’re talking about. It’s an enjoyable issue, but don’t expect this one to go down in the history books.

8.0 Enjoyable

A rip-roaring adventure that sometimes lacks a little in the plot department.

  • Adventure/Action 9
  • Plot 7
  • Characters 8

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