Green Arrow #8 feels like the superhero version of Castaway.

And strangely, it kind of works, It’s always great to see a character thrown into a completely new environment. And even though a key part of Green Arrow’s origin is becoming stranded on an island, this time he’s got company. It allows Ollie and Dinah to really connect as a couple, and we’re treated to a lot of character development on both sides of the relationship. It’s even quite heartfelt in places. It’s a rare issue that takes advantage of slowing the story down considerably. Usually this wouldn’t work at all, but given at how choppy the past issue was – the series definitely needed it.

The issue is hugely benefited by the stylistic art choice from Otto Schmidt. His art brings the story jumping out and across the page. It’s part of what makes Green Arrow #8 one of our favourite issues of the Rebirth run so far. It balances being truly unique and embracing the storyline with ease. Finding himself on an abandoned island once again feels like a rebirth in itself for Ollie, and it’s possible that the solution to his problems might lie inside his own head… or his heart.

In terms of plot, the issue takes us on a strange route, and at one point we weren’t even sure that Black Canary was even there. It seemed a little too good to be true – unless the entire situation is a hallucination on Ollie’s half. Nonetheless, their castaway/desert island getaway seems to bring the pair even closer together. Diggle’s portion of the story raises several questions. Even though the concepts seem completely weird, they still manage to be entertaining in their way of pushing the plot forward. Green Arrow #8 is a course correction after the previous issue, and it’s back to it’s fantastic self.

9.0 Course correction

After the boring previous issue, Green Arrow #8 is back on track.

  • Ollie + Dinah 9
  • Plot 8.5
  • Character development 9.5

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