Green Arrow #6 doesn’t really follow Oliver Queen.

And usually, we’d be up in arms about that. But Green Arrow #6 follows Emiko, his sister – and it works perfectly. it’s set in two different times. Before the whole business with The Ninth Circle, and immediately after. It also serves as a way of building up reader’s anticipation of what’s going to happen to Ollie now that he’s seemingly stranded on a desert island… again. But still, this doesn’t feel like a filler story. More like an extension of the main plot. And examining the role that Emiko and her mother play in this world is an excellent part of the plot.

Seeing how Shado borderline resents Emi for her part of The Ninth Circle destruction is a little chilling. Especially given how willing she is to let the Yakuza murder her daughter if they so wish. If that doesn’t tell you anything about Shado’s character and her brutal nature, nothing will. She’s truly a force to be reckoned with. One that we have no doubt will com up against Emi in later issues. The side story to this issue shows Emiko getting to grips with a different crime wave in Seattle, and it proves to be highly interesting.

Green Arrow #6

Green Arrow #6 also gives us a new take on an old, but famous villain: The Clock King. He’s created time-based drug addicts, and Emi gets wrapped up in it all. It was great to see Ollie in the big brother role rather than the vigilante-hero that we’re used to. It shows us a side of him that we’re not really used to. But it was a great way of including him in his own series without explicitly using him for the main plot. It’s a clever trick from the writers but it works a treat.

9.0 Great

It still carries on the main story even without the man himself, but it does so in a clever and unique way.

  • Emi's story 9
  • Clock King 8.5
  • Character development 9.5

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