Oliver Queen’s latest run is proving to be a riveting ride, and Green Arrow #5 is no different.

The series has been so entertaining right from the start, and this latest issue is just as good. It ties up the main storyline (sort of) but continues the adventure forward. Just like any good comic book should do really. The assault on The Ninth Circle was a thrill ride, feeling more like a bank heist rather than a superhero comic. And that suits the tone of Green Arrow perfectly. And given that he’s trying to claim his life back, it almost makes perfect sense.

Green Arrow #5

We’re so glad that he and Diggle are back on good terms again. Their dynamic translates perfectly from the tv show to the comic series. And the way that they split up and take on The Ninth Circle from two sides was smart and effective. The writers really do have a handle on these characters and don’t have a problem dropping them into the weirdest of situations. Also, we’re so so glad that Black Canary wasn’t a damsel in distress for Oliver to save, but for the shock triple agent reveal midway through.  Showing that Black Canary is a truly capable character, but is in control of everything she does is hugely important.

Since this is the Rebirth run, we’re obviously going to get some kind of classic re-telling of the main story. And the ending of Green Arrow #5 does that in such a clever way. The final panel of the issue makes complete sense given who Oliver is and what he’s previously been through. This issue is nothing short of great. If this is where the solo series ends, it would actually work quite well. However, given the popularity of this new Green Arrow series, we highly doubt that.

Green Arrow #5

If you’re looking for a fantastic story, with brilliantly fleshed out character arcs and superb artwork. Look no further, Green Arrow’s solo series is characteristically brilliant.


9.5 Fantastic

Green Arrow is truly on top form in #5.

  • Black Canary 9
  • Plot 9.5
  • Rebirth 10

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