Ollie continues to land himself in trouble in Green Arrow #3.

The most striking thing about the issue is definitely the distinctive art style. It sticks out a lot more than the typical DC Comics solo series. It’s much more artistic with a certain amount of flair that really makes the Green Arrow slide through the issue with ease. The way in which the issue is laid out is also quite different compared to the stereotypical panels. With one of the antagonists being at the forefront of the page, speaking to both the audience and the characters in the issue. Dante looks bloody terrifying, literally.

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It’s definitely a modern age for DC Comics, and whilst they’re trying to imbue this new sense of hope into their series’… things aren’t looking good for the Emerald Archer. Green Arrow #3 sees Ollie have to break into his own building. And it makes for a superhero take on Mission Impossible. It’s quite entertaining to read his narrative alongside each level of the building he goes through. The writers certainly have his character nailed down to a tee.

We just wish that John Diggle would become a more integral part of the story quicker. He seems to be on some kind of small sub-plot of his own. And whilst that’s all well and good to develop characters outside of the main plot – we think it’s time for the two to reunite. Hopefully next issue we see Diggle and Black Canary come into the storyline in a bigger way.

The writers also remind the audience that whilst the Green Arrow is a superhero, he still has his humanity. He can’t always walk away from death defying acts unscathed. It brings about a little danger to the story. We’re left wondering whether he’ll be able to walk away from his fall – or if the Police will capture the vigilante. Although part of us does wonder why he doesn’t just call the Justice League for help.

It’s still a brilliant comic, but we’re left wanting a little more than we’re given. Maybe that’s a good thing, but we hope they don’t drag the story out too much.

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8.5 Great read

Whilst it's a pulse pounding read, we're still left wanting a little more.

  • Ollie's humanity 9
  • The Ninth Circle explaination 8
  • John Diggle sub-plot 8.5

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