Ollie’s still on the run in Green Arrow #16 – but something of a resolution begins to form across the issue. It’s part detective thriller, part explosive action sequence. And boy oh boy, does it flow fantastically. Plenty of other heroes flourish with larger than life storylines and villains – but Oliver Queen is right at home fighting corruption and gritty street violence. This issue is no exception. The Vice Squad seriously prove themselves as formidable foes that do genuinely have a somewhat understandable motivation for their crimes. It makes them a little bit more interesting than a generic supervillain who just aims to destroy the hero.

Green Arrow #16 also balances a focus upon the return of Emi and how it affects her relationship with her big brother. It’s fair to say that they haven’t had the easiest road together. And maybe their new partnership will throw a few more spanners in the works for the Green Arrow and the new Red Arrow. It’s likely that since she’s come back into the fold, we’ll likely see the return of Shado at some point too. Shado v Black Canary anybody? It’s great to see that Ollie isn’t afraid to surround himself with a team now instead of a lone wolf.

The ending of the issue sets up a pretty big cliffhanger – although Ollie getting framed every other issue is starting to get a little tiresome. It’s obviously leading up to another confrontation with The Dark Archer at some point. Our favourite part of Green Arrow #16 is undoubtedly the art of the story. It helps the characters jump across the pages and the conflicts between the Vice Squad and Team Arrow. Otto Schmidt is absolutely on form with his talents across this series. Oliver Queen, Black Canary and even the villains themselves have never looked so impressive.

8.9 Great ride
  • Plot 8.9
  • Art 9.7
  • Ollie: framed 7.5
  • Character Development 9.3

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