It’s war on the streets of Seattle during Green Arrow #15, as Police brutality takes a whole new twist. We’ve seen something similar on Arrow, as a group of Police take on crime for their own advantage. This new band of violent vigilante cops are a little more heavy hitting. Taking out entire prisons full of inmates. It’s certainly a far cry from the craziness happening with the rest of the Justice League. But that’s where Green Arrow thrives, as a grounded hero dealing with street crime rather than facing otherworldly threats and demonic possessions.

The violence in the issue is completely unapologetic as the rogue officers of the ‘Vice Squad’ have no qualms with straight up executions. We immediately see who’s behind the squad, and it ties into the previous issues perfectly. The comic is a fast and loud ride from as soon as the squad hit the page. And they’re essentially the driving force of the issue, pushing across to the final finish as an unlikely saviour steps in at the last moment. Green Arrow #15 isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty as it rockets through the streets of Seattle, and it’s a thrill ride.

The issue does take a breath before the action gets going, as it fosters the relationship between Ollie and Dinah. It’s definitely something of an intake before the whirlwind ensues. But Green Arrow #15 does outline the fact that the pair work brilliantly as a team, to the point where she’s essential to his crimefighting. She’s more than just his girlfriend in that respect, and it’s great to see. Although we have to say, Ollie’s incessant whining about how bad his situation is each issue is starting to get a little tiresome. We get it Queen, you’re down on your luck. Give it a few more issues and he’ll be back in his fancy apartment. Aside from that, it’s a rip roaring instalment.

9.0 Thrill ride
  • Plot 9.5
  • Action 9.3
  • Black Canary 9.8
  • Ollie's whining 7.5

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