Oliver Queen isn’t exactly having the best time of it lately, although it picks up a little in Green Arrow #14. After a mysterious adversary frames him for murder, Ollie is at the mercy of hundreds of football fans. It’s a clever way of bridging tension across the two issues, as this one picks up right where the previous one left off. And it’s clear to see the rising anger amongst the crowd as he tries to make his way out. It’s a tense and fast paced issue that pauses occasionally before rocketing off in chase of the villain.

Speaking of which, we do finally learn who this mysterious archer turns out to be. It’s relatively easy to guess alongside the narrative from Ollie across the issue. But, it’s a great reveal and it makes perfect sense given the sheer intelligence behind his assault on Oliver. We’re consistently surprised by Benjamin Percy’s writing of this story, and it makes for a superb action/thriller series. It also allows a small insight into the League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Ghul, which strangely felt like a throwaway line. Although given the heat of the moment, we can forgive it.

Some of Ollie’s narration surprisingly gave a unique peek inside his head and his skillset. In the build up to the finale of the issue he talks about his skills as an archer and makes a surprising confession that genuinely shows the level of character development in this story. He’s honest about how he operates. But, we have to say once again, the stand out character in Green Arrow #14 was definitely Black Canary. She’s easily the most entertaining, cunning and downright badass character in the series. We’re intrigued to see where this story goes next considering the villain escapes. But it’s thoroughly well written, it’s fast paced, action packed and barely pauses to catch it’s breath.

9.0 Fast paced
  • Plot 9
  • Villain Reveal 9
  • Character development 8.5
  • Black Canary 9.5

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