Green Arrow #11 kicks the pace up a notch or two.

So after the last issue framed the trio for murder, the latest sees them cause disaster. As if they weren’t already knee deep in trouble. So whilst trying to save the train they also attempt to stop the assassin, Edward Fyers from escaping. It’s just your average day really. Ultimately, the issue feels a lot like the final climactic scene in an action movie. And it’s hard to deny that it’s a pulse pounding race to the finish line. Although it seems to ignore the fact that the Green Arrow is still on the run from the police after The Ninth Circle fiasco.

The story also ties up the miniscule sub-plot of the peace talks between the east and the west, with a surprising cameo. Did anybody else spot Hilary Clinton in those final scenes? She’s certainly making the rounds in the comic book world recently. Whilst it wasn’t massively adventurous in terms of it’s themes, Green Arrow #11 manages to be entertaining across the board. We loved the moment in which Ollie is saved by Dinah, making him the damsel in distress – and the writers aren’t afraid to acknowledge that.

Green Arrow #11 does leave the story wide open for further adventures, especially since Broderick is still running Queen Industries. So whilst this part of the story is over, we’ve no doubt that Ollie has some cleaning up to do when it comes to Seattle. It’s great to finally see the team back in the city. They spent far too long living Oliver’s island adventure again. The series has shown it can be highly entertaining, so hopefully this issue is the start of getting it back on the right track again. Will we see him reunite with Emi? Afterall, a lot of this is her fault essentially. That’s going to be one awkward family reunion. Green Arrow #11 is a fun filled adventure that promises bigger things on the horizon. Don’t miss out.

8.8 Adventurous
  • Plot 8.5
  • Characters 9
  • Bigger things on the horizon 9

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